We Campaign for a world where Education and Humain rights are enjoyed by all

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NEWS UPDATE!!! 1. Human Rights Ambassador Programme Has Been Launched. 2. Best Being Social Ambassador Programme 2k18 Has Been Launched. 3. Ehsaas – E- Eidi (SEASON 3) Has Been Launched.
August 3, 2018

Youth Ambassador Awards 2018

July 19, 2018

Survey – General Elections Pakistan

July 5, 2018

Human Rights Tabs Scholarships

July 3, 2018

Human Rights Ambassador Programme

July 2, 2018

Ehsaas – E- Eidi (SEASON 3)

July 1, 2018

Best Being Social Ambassador Programme 2k18

Projects and Initiatives

UNBBHR - Human Rights Initiatives

United Nations of Best Being for Human Rights is the mega project of Best Being designed to support Human Rights as well as providing online initiatives for youth as well. For details se UNBBHR section in projects

Enterpreneur Initiavitives

Helping Enterpreneurs in polishing their ideas and providing the platforms for promotion of new ideas through various programs and Providing HRM to the community

Seminars & Workshops

Arranging Seminors and Workshops for Public Awareness nd Improvement of system and Society in Pakistan.

Social Welfare

Promoting social welfare by providing services like awareness, donations, Educational servies, Emergency services etc.