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July 3, 2018
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Human Rights Tabs Scholarships


Human Rights Tabs Scholarships – PHASE I

Test Dates & Timings:

CATEGORY A (Class 8th -10th): 26-12-18 (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

CATEGORY B (Class11th -12th): 27-12-18 (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

CATEGORY C (Class 13th -16th): 28-12-18 (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM)


  • Test link of each category will be available on the prescribed date and time on in the Human Rights Tabs Scholarship Section of MUNBBHR Webpage. Test will be conducted online and a student can take part in the test from anywhere in the world from home, school, university etc.
  • Test will be named as HRE Test (Human Rights Essay Test) in which a student will be required to write his/her opinion in the form of essay/article which is an open book test while its credibility and marks will solely be given by the test checking authority according to their views which cannot be questioned.
  • Only successful candidates will be informed after the test till January 2019 while uninformed candidates are subject to be considered as not selected.
  • Successful candidates will not be considered as final awarded candidates which subjects to verification of result and documents.
  • Candidates currently studying in Masters or above level will only be considered in the test if they have applied on the basis of Bachelor’s degree at the time of application.


  • All sections and questions in the test are required to be answered and no space to be left blank
  • Intentional Duplicate submissions of the test attempt will not be considered and rejected
  • This is an open book test in which a candidate can get help from any means like books, internet, guidance etc. while answers must be the own opinions of the candidate as plagiarism is not allowed and such attempts will be rejected.
  • In case of any help contact please contact.

Human Rights Tabs Scholarships have been provided by the Best Being under the project MUNBBHR (Model United Nations of Best Being for Human Rights). These Tabs will be provided to the talented students worldwide on curricular and extracurricular achievements including an assessment test which provide equal opportunity to every student.

MUNBBHR is platform for youth worldwide like MUN and Human Rights bodies but don’t relate to or partners with or part of any UN Body or any government.

Human Rights Tabs Scholarships have been offered worldwide and open for anyone all around the globe. It is the first ever mega initiative by organization “Best Being” through its mega project MUNBBHR as it is offered through online testing and unique in its nature as well as provides an equal opportunity for students of Schools, Colleges, Universities and all educational institutes.

Categories and Eligibility Conditions

Human Rights Tabs Scholarships Highlight different aspects and provide opportunity to youth all around the globe to involve and play their part and avail the opportunity provided by an international body MUNBBHR by Best Being.

Below given are details of the scholarship:

  • World’s first & Largest Human Rights Tabs Scholarships Program
  • Opens for all (worldwide)
  • International Advisory Board Credibility
  • Sponsored + Company Funded
  • 100% based on Merit+ I/Q + Performance based
  • Category A : School Students ( Class 8th to Class 10th )
  • Category B: College Students (Class 11th to Class 12th )
  • Category C: University Students (Class 13th to 16th )

Note: All degrees, diplomas, courses and certificate programs which comes under all the class grades/year as mentioned above in Category A, B, C all are eligible.

Merit and Applying

Merit and selection Criteria:
For Application:

Obtained marks in the last year/semester exam should be at least 50% or Higher in the recognized School/College/university/Institute:

For Selection:

Curricular (Last degree/class final year/semester exam marks 40%)

Extra-Curricular/Experience/Achievements (20%)

Online Assessment/Human Rights Essay Test / General Intellectual Ability Test (40%)

  • Properly filled Application form (Filled, signed and scanned)
  • Last Year/Semester/Prof/Class attended final result (Mention in the form)

Note: Only signed and scanned application form along with online Test fee deposit slip/receipt/proof of transaction will be required to be sent online through email.

Hard copy is not required at this stage as the documents copies will be required after test while original documents verification will be required as well if selected for the award of the Human Rights Tabs Scholarship at the time of Tab Scholarship awarding/dispatching.

For More details about scholarship, eligibility and other relevant information please download the booklet of the Human Rights Tabs Scholarships:

STEPS for whole application process to Tabs Awarding Process:

  • STEP 1: Application Submission for Online Test – Human Rights Tabs Scholarships – PHASE - I
  • STEP 2: Appearing in - Online Test
  • STEP 3: Pre – Selected Students Announcement through merit aggregate for Scholarship
  • STEP 4: Screening and Verification of Documents mentioned in Application form of Pre – Selected Students
  • STEP 5: Awarding of Human Rights Tabs Scholarships for PHASE – I to selected and verified applicants

Test Venue: Online attemptable from any place worldwide through internet (no need to go anywhere)

Test Date: Announced available on top of the page

Test Syllabus & Pattern: Online Assessment - Human Rights Essay Test (HRE Test) comprises of essay or article based upon the candidate opinion

No of Tabs Scholarships: -> Ratio: No of Students 25 :: No of Human Rights Tab Scholarship 1


1 Human Right tab scholarship will be awarded among 25 student’s means 1 Tab is allocated to 25 students and the top among them will get the tab while the same goes for total students.

This ratio will be implemented on the total no of students appearing in the Test.

Sample Test Questions:

Category A:

Human Rights are base of every Human Culture. Write an essay showing your opinion.
(Maximum 250 Words)

Category B:

Child Labor can be terminated but how? Write an essay or article based on your own opinion.
(Maximum 500 Words)

Category C:

“Internet freedom is gaining more positive results” but it would not be the case in every scenario and critics are against the statement. Can you justify the statement and demonstrate your own opinion regarding this.
(Maximum 500 Words)

Important Note:

Updates will be posted to candidates of every project through SMS and Emails on the given contact numbers and email address by candidates while organization doesn’t bear responsibility of converted/remote/wrong contact number and email addresses

Human Rights Tabs Scholarships
PHASE I – Booklet

Download to Apply:

Application Form

Also read all terms and conditions of the Human Rights Tabs Scholarships – PHASE – I given below:
Terms and Conditions with Instructions
It is good to have questions and you should clear them for that purpose most of the Frequently Asked Questions have been given below:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Samples of filled forms for guidance are also available:
Download Samples here
Sample Deposit Slip for Human Rights Tabs Scholarships - PHASE - I
Sample Deposit Slip

For more details, queries, questions or any other information about the Human Rights Tabs Scholarships PHASE – I please contact only at:

ALERT!!! In case of any complaint about the programme or any issue in regarding the mismanagement in MUNBBHR, BB-Aid and all others projects of Best Being Services (SMC PVT LTD) please contact at:

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