International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

Best Being is the international services organization in education sector which is working mostly online on the education of youth with the initiative of E- Education, Empowerment, Employment and Equality.

Best Being is working to change the present to create a bright future and also working to on Mega project MUNBBHR for Human Rights practically and launching initiatives and projects to involves youth all around the world.

Best Being is soon launching its International based Advisory Board to help in the redefining of initiatives and to involve the advice and guidance from all around the world according to different school of thoughts present worldwide and to include diversity.

Advisors are required from all geographical regions worldwide on the volunteer basis thus no fee and incentives includes for now but we do issue the appreciation certificate for being our advisory board member.

We are offering the place in two categories in advisory board:


1. Senior /professional advisors:

Person having excellent record in any field

aged 30 years plus and distinctions as well

as 5 years plus experience


2. Young Advisors:

Person having determination and distinctions

from any field aged 18 years plus and having

bright ideas to help out and experience is not required.

Given Below are the International Advisors from all around the globe inducted so far:

Senior/Professional Advisors:


ID: BB-IAB-1004

Young Advisors:


Joseph O. Beyan Jr
ID: BB-IAB-1001


Ama Martinson
ID: BB-IAB-1002


Harmella Ababu
ID: BB-IAB-1003


Hammodui Mohammed
ID: BB-IAB-1005


Mohamed Sansui Jalloh
ID: BB-IAB-1006


ID: BB-IAB-1007