Survey – General Elections Pakistan

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July 5, 2018
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August 3, 2018

Survey – General Elections Pakistan


Note: All the participants of Survey - General Elections 201 - Pakistan are advised to check their emails for Medal of Leadership confirmation and further processing while if they didn't receive the email till : 31st of July then they are advised to contact at: for confirmation. Thanks

Survey – Elections Pakistan 2018 has been taking place as the date of elections approaches soon. It will involve youth and general public all over the Pakistan. Survey will take place through the Google form online all over the Pakistan which will be provided on the Social Media.


It is encouraged to take part in the survey as it will help us out to know the thinking and support of Pakistan Youth and general Public.

For Pakistan:

It will show the participation of Public in the survey for the positive meaning while gives us results of what the actual results of Pakistan general election 2018 will comes out and what our surveys shows.

For Youth/Public:

All the participants of the survey who voted in favor of the party in survey if it wins the general elections and be able to make the Federal Government in Pakistan then the supporter or voter of that party in our survey will be awarded with:

  • Medal of Leadership
  • Grant in Cash Award for few selected participants
Deadline to participate: 06:00 PM (PST) 25 July 2018

To know more details of Survey – General Elections 2018 – Pakistan visit the booklet given below:

Survey - Elections Pakistan 2018 – Booklet
Survey - Elections Pakistan 2018 – Booklet


  • A Participant of the survey if selected for the Medal of Leadership then he will be required to submit the affiliation fee: Rs: 875/- PKR including delivery charges of Medal to the organization as advised on later stage through email to receive the medal
  • For Participants of the surveys only Medal of Leadership will be awarded to those whose party wins in general elections and Cash Grants will be awarded for selected participants randomly.
  • To know more about the Medal of Leadership for the participants/ Leaders/ organizations please view the separate booklet available at link given below:
Medal of Leadership - Booklet
Medal of Leadership - Booklet

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