Youth Ambassador Awards 2018

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July 19, 2018

Youth Ambassador Awards 2018









Youth Ambassador Award is the world class International Award designed to be awarded to the youth all around the world for their active roles for youth in their respective community, nation and through different platforms. The patriots of country/community are welcome to apply for the Youth Ambassador Award.

Youth Ambassador Awards 2018 are offered limited in numbers worldwide according to number of countries and independent territories present worldwide. It is a golden opportunity for youth to be able to compete for the award and also Free Golden Ticket – Aid Scholarship to be used by the selected applicants to facilitate themselves in their career.

Youth Ambassador Award is the proof of credibility of individual as well as shows responsibility of person towards the community and show case an international achievement to be represented among your community and provides an individual with representation of youth worldwide.

Be Hurry to apply for the award as initially it will be provided on rolling basis/ applying first with the complete application to be selected for the award. The date for the initial period in which all the applicants with complete application will be given a chance to avail the award will be displayed in the ad.

No of Youth Ambassadors Awards initially approved for year 2018: 4,875

No of Countries Covered: 195 countries including independent territories.

No of Awards per country/region: Provided on first come first serve basis to specific time period then after that period selection will be carried out while 25 awards per country/region are to be awarded on basis of applications while remaining awards to be awarded on applications received irrespective of country/region.

No of Golden Ticket – Aid Scholarships: 4,875


  • Youth Ambassador Award 2018
  • Free Best Being Youth Ambassador Membership (worth’s Rs: 1,350/- or $ 13 USD)
  • Free 1 Golden Ticket – Aid Scholarship (worth’s Rs: 235/- PKR or $ 3 USD)
  • Appreciation Certificate


  • Age from 15 to 28 years
  • Male/Female applicants all around the world
  • Current or Ex-Students of any educational institute are eligible to apply
  • Professionals from any field of life are allowed to apply


Apply Online:

Apply Online

Note: Applications are open till 14th August 2018.

Note: For Details about the selection criteria, Affiliation fee and other details Please Visit booklet

Youth Ambassador Awards 2018 - Booklet
Youth Ambassador Awards Booklet
Sample Deposit Slip – Affiliation fee
Sample Deposit Slip

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